Welcome To World Traveler

From today we bigin /15 April 2016/.Here you can show your city with a short video.Show the most beautiful scenery near your city.Our goal is to help all travelers or those who are unable to travel but want to explore the world. For this we will rely on all who wish to acquaint us with your city.

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In your video show places that you think is interesting, with a short comment and guidance.Show all mysterious and beautiful places in your city or village

In the video display and part of the way to these places

Let us together to help travelers.Let us acquaint those who cannot travel to places that they cannot visit.Earth is our home and worth all know her well to keep it

The rules are simple, only video that affects the theme of the site you can upload.Any other video will be removed. Please, video should be called : first -Country and city :Examle UK.London.In Description write your full name and comment.Will be perfect if you put your name in video./Copyright yours/

Nobody has the right to use the video without permission from our website.If you want to use a video you should ask the author.